Microsoft Xbox Kinect One

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Project No Project Name
1 Real-time Sign Language Gesture Recognition Using Still-Image Comparison & Motion Recognition
2 The Study on the Affective Computing Model of Distance Education Based on Ant Colony Algorithm
3 Hand Gesture Recognition Using Kinect
4 Unsupervised Facial Expressions Recognition and Avatar Reconstruction from Kinect
5 Virtual slate with handwriting recognition using Microsoft Kinect. Added gesture features for the disabled.
6 Gesture(body movements) based Layered Login system using KINECT
7 Subway Surfers Using Kinect
8 E Learning or Stress Analysis using Vocal and Facial Features using Kinect
9 Rock, Paper, Scissor game using Microsoft Kinect
10 Gesture Recognition (finger) using matlab, image acquition toolbox (Kinect).
11 Gesture Recognisation for disabled Using Kinect
12 Hand Gesture Recognition using Shape Parameters
13 Real-time Sign Language Gesture Recognition Using Still-Image Comparison & Motion Using Still-Image Comparison & Motion
14 Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition System Using Moment Invarient
15 Indian Sign language Recognition using Leap Motion Controller and Kinect
16 Kinect based motion sensor
17 Recognizing and Interpreting Indian Sign Language Gesture for Human Robot Interaction
18 Multi-scenario gesture recognition using Kinect
19 Translation of Gestures to Text using Kinect SDK
20 Kernel Based Hand Gesture Recognition Using Kinect Sensor
21 Gesture Identification for System Navigation in 3D Scene
22 Human Detection Using Depth Information by Kinect
23 Motion sensing using Kinect
24 Gesture Recognition using Kinect and Arduino
25 Gesture based human computer interaction using Kinect for Windows mouse control and PowerPoint presentation
26 Recognizing human emotion from audio visual information